Corvette deliveries rise 356%

The Bowling Green Daily News

Chevrolet Corvettes were a hot item last month. The National Corvette Museum turnstiles didnít do too bad either.

Deliveries of Americaís premier sports car more than tripled the best July in recent history, according to the General Motors website. Thatís a 356 percent increase from last Julyís numbers, company statistics show.

Corvettes are made at the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant. The museum also calls Bowling Green home.

ďConsumers who do not normally buy the vehicle are looking at it for the first time,Ē said Jesse Toprak, chief analyst at the car shopping site

ďItís a really well done car, and itís getting good reviews all around. Itís good value for the money. It is enabling the model to go beyond its core buyer group,Ē Toprak said in a telephone interview Friday.

While 671 Corvettes were delivered in July 2013, that number jumped to 3,060 in July this year, company statistics said. Corvette deliveries are up 227.9 percent over 2013, with 20,804 deliveries as of the end of July this year compared to 6,344 a year ago.

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