Crooks Waste Lives Doing Bad, Not Good

By Tom Treece
Monroe News

After witnessing evildoers doing their dirty deeds, my father used to say, “ What a better world we’d have if crooks spent half the time doing good that they do doing bad.”

I thought of him last week after the scam became apparent.

Renee’s 40th birthday present 18 years ago was a special, 40th anniversary edition ruby red, 1993 Corvette convertible. She loved driving that car. Then, after brain surgery left her paralyzed in 2006, she thought her days of driving it were over. Asking — and believing — for a miracle, instead of selling the vehicle, I put it in storage.

During six grueling years of rehabilitation therapy, God saw her faith and her unbending determination to walk and do elementary tasks again. Then, after being bombarded by the prayers of family and friends, He gave us that miracle.

Improving over those years, she again learned to drive and two years ago, we brought the Corvette out of storage and once again Re*nee was driving her dream car.

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