Corvette, Camaro designer may be world's best job

Casey Williams,
Indy Star correspondent

Chief designer for Corvette and Camaro must be close to the world's best job. If I had the talent, it would be my dream job.

Fortunately for those who love Chevrolet performance cars, the position is claimed by Tom Peters, whose career direction took shape early.

"I just loved cars," said Peters at last month's Detroit auto show. "I remember being 4 or 5; my dad had shirts cleaned, put in boxes. I'd take the boxes, draw cars, cut them out and line them against the wall."

He said he'd draw everything trains, ships and planes like the F104 Starfighter. Then he started building models and started "understanding shape, functionality, understanding the mechanics of it, how light falls on it."

One day during the third grade stands out as having a profound influence on Peters: "The neighborhood rich kid's dad dropped him off in a '63 split-window Corvette like a spaceship from a different planet."

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