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    Spotted: Latest "Super Corvette" Prototype

    This is going to be one sweet Vette!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Spotted: Latest "Super Corvette" Prototype-c1-jpg   Spotted: Latest "Super Corvette" Prototype-c2-jpg   Spotted: Latest "Super Corvette" Prototype-c3-jpg  

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    Thumbs down

    I ain't buyin' the legitimacy of these pics for the same reason I don't believe the video from FastLane. Biggest tip-off is that there is no MFG license plate on the car. That would mean that the car is already in the hands of Joe Public and registered with the DMV. Nah, I ain't biting at these pics. Plus, GM typically has more padding and camo on the mules.

    As for the video, I can't repost or edit my thread, but at the 0:59 mark, they just happen to sitting on the side of the road minding there own business, camera running, when all of a sudden, "Look! It's the new ZR1!". Yeah, like that wasn't a planned shot.

    Nope...I'm calling on these pics and the vid.

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