From Mike Yager at Mid America Motorworks:
Corvette Engineers Return to Corvette Funfest 2009

Need to see the NEW Corvette Grand Sport? Need to talk to a knowledgeable person about your C6? Need to talk to the guys who built your Corvette?

These and many more questions can and will be answered at Corvette Funfest. We are privileged to once again have Corvette Engineers from the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green under their big top tent!

Paul Graham, Plant Manager will be here, so make it a point to stop by and say hi to Paul and wish him and Marian good luck on their new assignment. Unfortunately for the Corvette community, Paul will be moving to Arlington, Texas to run the Suburban Plant. He will be going from the South to the Southwest and picking up an additional 2,000,000 square feet and an additional 2,500+ employees. We will miss his contributions to the Corvette and the great guys and gals at UAW 2164 that build our Corvettes.

Also in attendance will be our long time friend Tom Hill, Vehicle Assembly Engineering Manager, and yes,Liz will be with him!

Speed-man Steve Grilli, of Funfest 2009 ZR-1 fame, will once again be released for public appearance. Tony Alferio, General Assembly Area Manager, will be here to answer C6 Corvette questions and to share his knowledge of the car with all who ask. Last and certainly not least, Art Spong, Quality Manager, will be here with his knowledge and enthusiasm for all things C6 and beyond.

Please make it a point to tour what's new with Corvette at the Corvette Engineering tent. The ever popular C6 hauler will be parked on the Corvette Funfest grounds with a load of new Corvettes. What a door prize that would be!!

As with any good team, our Corvette Engineering friends are supported at these events by their wives. I would like to personally thank Marian Graham, Liz Hill, Lucy Grilli, Lynetta Alferio and Betsy Spong for sharing their Corvette Rock Star husbands with our guests during the Corvette Funfest weekend.