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    Corvette owners will be attending from New England

    Corvette owners will be attending from New England

    Published Thursday June 12th, 2008
    For The Daily Gleaner

    Debbie Shepard, president of the Vettes of Coastal Maine, knows what has to go on behind the scenes of a Corvette rally. Her club just hosted its annual spring rally in Bar Harbor, which was spread over four days and had 80 cars in attendance.

    This weekend, Shepard is in Fredericton to take advantage of the hospitality of the River Valley Vettes. This will be her fifth year at this event.

    "My husband, Barry, and I had heard good things about this rally. All the organizers put on a wonderful show and I want to thank them for doing such a great job," she said. "We always have a great time in Fredericton and leave with a nice, warm feeling."

    The Shepards own four Corvettes: 1964 red roadster, 1978 and 1986 pace cars and a 2005 black convertible. The love of Barry's life - other than Debbie - is the roadster.

    "We haven't decided which one we'll be taking but are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones," said Shepard. "The Corvette is the great American sports car icon and when you own one, it gets into your blood.

    "There is a nice camaraderie among Corvette owners - we're like one big family."

    Whatever the weather, the couple is planning on being in the city this weekend.

    "We take the chance when it's a weekend event. We own umbrellas and keep them handy in the trunk."

    This year will be the first time that Ron Morneau will be attending Fiberglass Alley. And he will be reconnecting with Shepard.

    "I went to Bar Harbor and had a great time. Debbie is very active, as are other women, and knows how to pay attention to details."

    Morneau has made runs to Quebec and the Maritime Provinces over the years.

    "I have family roots in Quebec and have made many good friends in Saint John, Halifax, Truro - all over the region," said Morneau, who is from Massachusetts. "Everyone talked about what a great job is done by Kelly Kelly and the rest of the club members. They said it was always a lot of fun."

    Morneau owns a 1996 roadster, and will be travelling with 12 other members. Two more drivers will arrive earlier in the week and will be waiting for them in Fredericton. While he is affiliated with the Northshore Corvette Club, the team will be cruising under a different name.

    Five years ago, Morneau organized Vettes for Veterans, which raises money for the Bedford Veterans Affairs Hospital in Bedford, Mass.

    The money is put toward personal care items for the veterans.

    "Although they receive great medical care, there is nothing left for every day products - like shampoo, underwear, combs and the like," he said. "Last year, we had 300 cars cruise into the hospital parking lot with an honour guard.

    "We fed 1,000 people that day and let the veterans choose the best cars. We raised $20,000 for the hospital."

    So when Morneau and his colleagues get to the rally, they will be representing Vettes for Veterans.

    And they will all be in the C-5 models.

    "That model runs from 1998 to 2005. I've had my roadster for about 10 years. Before that, I owned an '89."

    Similar to Shepard, Morneau likes the camaraderie of all the Corvette clubs and their members. Although, he believes that there are three different types of owners.

    The first types like to work on their cars and putter around making changes and maintaining the vehicle.

    The second spend days polishing the Corvette to take it to rallies and shows to try to win the best Corvette award.

    "I'm in the third class - I like to travel in my car and meet new people," said Morneau. "The interaction with other clubs and having a lot of laughs is what attracts me and, of course, the Corvette."

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