A Corvette with a woman's touch

By: Trey Palmisano
Special to The Washington Examiner
December 3, 2009

The Corvette culture is a staple of America's automotive heritage. Look on almost every nook of the map in every major city, and there is a lively and enthusiastic gathering of Vette enthusiasts joining hands and hearts and singing the praises of this iconic sports car.

Cars like the Corvette not only inspire us, they break through the gender gaps that at times have been considerably unbalanced in favor of men.

Denise Oden is living proof that cars aren't just for the boys. In August 2005, Oden, a lifelong lover of everything Corvette, decided to purchase a 2006 C6. She was particularly interested in a red-on-red configuration. The salesman, who didn't trust her red paint and red interior instincts, actually tried to dissuade her. Oden, however, was relentless. By November 2005, Oden took delivery on her Vette. It was the first time she had been behind the wheel of any sports car, and it was 400 horses' worth of power to tame. Oden, however, did what many Vette owners do. She networked.

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