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Highway speed demons may be endangered species

January 22, 2010 07:58 AM
Boston Globe Staff

This may come as a surprise to someone zipping along the Mass Pike at 85 mph, but the average speed on many US roads only slightly exceeds the speed limit.

That's a conclusion drawn from GPS data analyzed by TomTom, a provider of navigation devices and digital maps. (TomTom has a major presence in Concord.)

The mythology of the open road sings the glories of gear-jamming truck-drivers and Corvettes and deuce coupes barreling along Route 66, but the reality may be different. The fact is that drivers "tend to stay within speed limit range on most major US highways," TomTom said. (Shown at left is a Corvette that was used in an Austin Powers movie. Credit: K. Wright of the AP.)

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