Thief Takes Stolen Corvette on High Speed Chase with Police

Oct 2, 2007 11:21 PM EDT
By Jay Hermacinski
WISH News 8 @ 6:00
Indianapolis, IN

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TIPTON, Ind. - A thief stole a Corvette right off a showroom floor and then lead police on a chase with speeds topping 130 miles an hour. Police found the car, but not the thief.

Behind the door of the Tipton Police Department's evidence garage sits a brand new 2007 glass topped Corvette with a sticker price of $53,000.

Police dash cam video caught Saturday's early morning pursuit. The cars were heading north on State Road 19.

In the dash cam video you never get to see the Corvette, it was going too fast. The police officer says he topped out at 130 miles an hour.

Someone stole the Corvette from a Tipton dealership. Not from the parking lot, but from inside. Police say the thief, or thieves broke into the back of the building and then found the Corvette on the showroom floor. That's when they drove the Corvette through a massive glass door.

"I was kind of surprised and shocked to hear that had happened," Tipton Police Chief Gordon Tocco said.

Chief Tocco said soon after the break out, one of his officers noticed a white car driving erratically. He tried to pull it over but the Corvette took off and the chase was on. A witness called police to say the car came from the dealership.

Officers from several police agencies joined in the pursuit. Stop sticks eventually slowed the Corvette down. But the driver disappeared.

The Corvette had damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. Police said that happened when the car smashed through the dealership door.

Our news gathering partners at the Kokomo Tribune said Greentown Police, along with Howard County Sheriff's department and Indiana State Police took part in the chase.

Anyone with information should call the Tipton Police department.