Kindness is a mighty contagion

By Sean Gonsalves
Staff News Columnist
Cape Cod Times
October 26, 2010

Cape Cod, MA - The world may be brimming with anger and fear, but it's nice to know that the spontaneous compassion buried in the depths of the human spirit has not been completely extinguished.

A month ago I wrote about the "bucket list" of Richard Magnuson, who is living out his remaining days in Bourne while staring stage IV esophageal cancer dead in the eyes.

The column mentioned Magnuson's wish to rent a convertible Corvette before he leaves this vale of tears called life on earth. The response from Orleans to Sagamore was nothing short of beautiful. And who knew there were so many Vette owners on Cape Cod?

Maura Magill wrote: "I was so moved by his struggles to complete his bucket list that I just had to write you. I own a 2003 anniversary edition convertible Corvette and would be honored to give Mr. Magnuson the opportunity to drive it. I am willing to drive the car to him in Bourne any time. ..."

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