It's gorgeous; it's fun; it's a Vette, of course

So say members of the Sonoran Desert Corvettes Tucson, the sports cars' northwest-side devotees

Phil Villarreal
Arizona Daily Star

Members of the Sonoran Desert Corvettes Tucson believe beautiful cars are meant to be driven and shown off - not covered up and locked away.

"If a Corvette is in your garage, it doesn't make us happy. Don't let it sit there in a garage like a queen," said club President Susan Franklin, 71, whose online handle is suevette63. "They are meant to be used and enjoyed."

The club organizes and participates in meet-ups, car shows and drives. Occasionally a member will be designated the leader, and club members will rendezvous at a chosen location then follow the leader on a surprise drive.

"There is nothing that I think is more fun than a whole string of Corvettes in a row," said Franklin, who lives in Sun City Oro Valley.

Think of the club as a play group, only with cars as the focus instead of children. Members' Corvettes range from classics to late models.

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