Sportscar lands at the bottom of Vernon Creek

Lake Country Calendar, British Columbia
April 2, 2008

One person was taken to hospital after a crash on Highway 97 Friday sent a vehicle into a Winfield creek.

Around 12:25 p.m., emergency crews responded to a report that a vehicle had plunged into Duck Lake.

When they arrived, however, they discovered instead that a Corvette had cleared a cement barrier and careened through underbrush before landing in Vernon Creek.

The Corvette apparently ended up in the water after rear-ending another vehicle as they travelled north on Highway 97, near Commonwealth Road.

“It would have been a fairly wild ride down there,” said Lake Country fire department assistant chief Brent Penner of the crash.

He said the Corvette “cleared a swath” through the underbrush and said the cushioning of the foliage is probably the reason the occupants were not seriously hurt.

When emergency crews arrived, the Corvette was partially submerged in the creek, but the occupants were able to free themselves and stand up on the floating car.

Firefighters cleared debris and strung a ladder from the shore across to the vehicle in an effort to bring the people ashore.

The driver was taken to hospital for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries.

Charges are pending, according to police.