Racing Star Emerson Fittipaldi to Pace the Race in Ethanol Fueled Corvette Z06.<br /><br /> Two-time former winner of the Indianapolis 500 Emerson Fittipaldi will take the wheel of this year's pace car at the world famous race. For the first time in Indy history, the Corvette Z06, as well as competing race cars, will be using ethanol fuel made from plant material grown here in the U.S.<br /><br /> Production of ethanol from sugarcane is a very efficient process that produces a renewable fuel that reduces CO2 emissions, as well as creating thousands of jobs in Brazil. Taking a cue from the Brazilians, American manufacturers like GM are showing the world there are alternatives to gasoline from oil. In fact, 100% of the cars they build in Brazil are flex fuel - which means they can run on ethanol, gas or any combination of both.<br /><br /> Since ethanol has a higher octane than gasoline, Fittipaldi will have no trouble getting to the 120 miles per hour this Corvette will need to pace the race.<br /><br /> Produced for General Motors

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Date: 2008-05-27