KFYR-TV, North Dakota

It was a great day outside for the Annual Buggies and Blues Car Show in Mandan. The classic car event is hosted by the Bismarck-Mandan Musicians Association and local area car clubs. There`s Rock & Roll and R&B Music along with a display of over 5-hundred classic cars. Perhaps the gem of the show belongs to a Mandan native who knows a thing or two about America`s first sports car.

In January of 2006, David Ressler`s life became complete when he and his family made the purchase of a lifetime.

"My family and I own a 53 Corvette. The world`s first Corvette in the world. It`s ours as a family project. We bought it as a family project and it`s still owned by my family as a family project," says Ressler.

Ressler bought the beauty stamped as the oldest Corvette with Vin Number 003 at probably the world`s largest collective Corvette auction; Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it came with a hefty One-Million-Dollar pricetag. As owner of Ressler Chevrolet in Mandan, cars are David`s life. He owns 42 other classic Corvettes, but he says owning the world`s oldest Corvette and American sportscar is simply priceless

"It`s kind of our flagship car and it`s the anchor bolt of our post. Everybody who comes to our museum that I`ve got in Bozeman where I`ve got my cars. It`s not open to the public, but they all want me to take the cover off the 53 before any other car in my car museum," says Ressler.

The Ressler family recently bought another piece of history, this one with Vin number 001.

"This last winter by having the opportunity at Barrett by buying the first of our best-ever Corvette; the new ZR1,"says Ressler.

Ressler plans to have one Corvette for each year they`re made adding to an already impressive collection. He says he simply loves cars and he can never have too many.

"Some guys have a mid-life crisis. I just buy another Corvette, says Ressler.

Ressler says he hopes to work with the city of Mandan in the future to bring his collection from Bozeman to Mandan for the public to enjoy.