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$40,000 Corvette crumples in crash

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    $40,000 Corvette crumples in crash

    $40,000 Corvette crumples in crash

    5:17p.m. 27 June 2008

    The driver of a $40,000 Corvette escaped unharmed from this crash on Fisherman's Road, Maroochydore, today. Photo: Warren Lynam/175709

    Australia - The driver of this $40,000 boy’s toy says he doesn’t recall how it came to be a crumpled wreck, but he did express his condolences to the smashed vehicle by uttering "poor Corvette" when he saw the damage that had been done.

    He turned right at Fisherman’s Road in Kuluin when the Corvette careered off the straight stretch of road and struck a pole just after 8am today.

    The left hand side fibreglass panels were ripped off by the impact.

    The car travelled 10 more metres and slammed into a bollard on the Fisherman’s Road Sports Complex in front of some workers mowing the lawn.

    The unharmed driver, a middle-aged bearded man in King Gee shorts and work boots, was surprisingly nonchalant, considering he had just written off his sports car.

    All he could say was: “poor Corvette”.

    He said he had blanked out and couldn’t remember what caused the crash.

    When asked how much his pride and joy was worth, he replied, “You don’t want to know. That’s about 40 grand sitting right there".

    He said there was no chance it could be fixed.

    Meanwhile, tow truck drivers from all over flocked to get a look at what happens when you smash up a high-performance car.

    Four different companies turned up for the tow.

    Senior Constable Alan Dempsey said it was difficult to say what went wrong.

    “He’s turned right from David Low Way on the Fisherman’s Road and for some reason – he doesn’t remember - he’s lost control,” he said.

    “It’s unclear why that would’ve happened at the moment. We do have some witnesses to speak to yet.

    “I don’t see skid marks anywhere and it’s a straight stretch of road.”

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    He dosen't remember...... puleez!

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