Oronoco man accused of allowing son, 15, to drive, causing crash

8/18/2008 6:30:02 PM
By Janice Gregorson
Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

Oronoco, MN -- A 15-year-old boy found in the driver's seat of a vehicle that had crashed into some pine trees admitted he didn't have a license or permit to drive.

He told Olmsted County sheriff's deputies that he was driving because his dad was drunk.

Now, that father, Brian Maynard Quimby, 41, Oronoco, is charged with felony neglect of a child. He is accused of intentionally or recklessly causing or permitting a child to be put in a situation likely to substantially harm the child.

He also is charged with gross misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a child and misdemeanor soliciting a juvenile to commit a misdemeanor.

The charges stem from a traffic accident on May 26 on Olmsted County Road 118 and Sixth Lane Northeast in Oronoco.

The 15-year-old boy said he was driving down the county road when the steering wheel came off and he lost control of the vehicle; it went off the road into some pine trees. When deputies asked to see his driver's license or permit, the teen admitted he didn't have either. He said his dad had been a passenger and walked home after the accident. The boy had a cut on his nose and was bleeding.

The boy told deputies that he and Quimby had been working on the car, and that it had not been started in a while so they took it out so the engine would not gum up. He said he was driving because his dad was drunk, according to the complaint.

It was a 1977 Corvette. There was no license plate, no seat belts, no tail lights, no turn signal lights and no headlights, and the seats of the vehicle were lying on the ground outside the vehicle because they had not been bolted into the vehicle. Deputies later learned that the Corvette is a "project car" and was not to leave the property.

Brian Quimby was found in the woods between the accident scene and the residence. He was bleeding on his head, too. Officers said they smelled a strong odor of alcohol, and that he declined to talk about the accident.

A summons has been issued for him to be in Olmsted District Court on Sept. 15.