BOWLING GREEN, KY (CBS) - Employees at the Bowling Green, Kentucky Corvette plant are being hit again by more production shut-downs, layoffs and restructuring at General Motors.<br /><br />Despite the sports car's popularity, it's not translating into sales. Demand has dropped by fifty percent over the past year.<br /><br />As the company looks at economical ways to produce cars, assembly lines at the Corvette plant will shut down three times this spring for two weeks at a time. It was already closed for two months at the start of the year. <Br /><br />This means some employees will be off the job for 6 weeks, while others will be off for good. In addition to about 130 indefinite layoffs, the plant plans to cut another 110 workers throughout the year.<br /><br />Despite the production reduction, company manager Paul Graham says he's encouraged by die-hard Corvette lovers who continue to buy the product during this economic crisis.

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Date: 2009-03-26