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    Richest Americans

    One billion dollars is no longer enough. The price of admission to this, the 25th anniversary of the Forbes 400, is $1.3 billion, up $300 million from last year. Find out how the wealth of America’s heavyweights shifted this year.

    2007 Rank/Name2006 Rank2006 Net Worth1. Gates, William III153.02. Buffett, Warren246.03. Adelson, Sheldon320.54. Ellison, Lawrence419.55. Brin, Sergey1214.15. Page, Larry1314.07. Kerkorian, Kirk269.08. Dell, Michael915.59. Koch, Charles1912.09. Koch, David1912.011. Allen, Paul516.012. Walton, Jim615.712. Walton, Christy & family715.612. Walton, S Robson715.615. Walton, Alice915.516. Ballmer, Steven1513.617. Johnson, Abigail1613.018. Icahn, Carl249.719. Jack Crawford Taylor & family1413.919. Mars, Forrest Jr2110.519. John F. Mars2110.519. Mars, Jacqueline2110.5

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    Verdamnt! My name didn't make _AGAIN_ this year! I'd better get hold of Forbes!!!<G>

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