Resident continues protest to regain family Corvette

August 11, 2009 4:36 PM
Santa Rosa's Press Gazette

There is a sight many are familiar with on the corner of Hamilton Bridge Road and Newton Street. But unlike the ongoing political rallies many witnessed during the election in 2008, Bryan Combs, a Santa Rosa County resident is showing his protest in a different light.

Two of his sons hold up plastic storage bin covers littered with protest as passers-by honk or come to complete stops to read the demands.

Unlike most protestors, Combs isnt necessarily protesting the war or government. Hes protesting something that was taken from him years ago. That something is a little red Corvette.

I always wanted a Corvette, said Combs. So when his father passed away in 1998, he and his mother went and purchased a Corvette from a dealership in Pensacola.

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