Bowling Green, Kentucky is revving up for a special addition to one of its longest-running annual events. Beginning next year for its 35th annual show, the city's native car show will officially be known as Corvette Homecoming & Chevy Invitational, Inc.

Coming to Sloan Convention Center July 14-16, 2016, the new and improved Corvette Homecoming & Chevy Invitational will be open to all makes and models of Corvettes & Chevrolet's and Bowling Green native Joe Pruitt, the event organizer, believes adding a new broad component will attract more participants.

"We want to bring more life into the show - while we love our Corvettes and celebrating their heritage in Bowling Green, we also believe Chevrolet owners are interested in bringing their show cars to our city," Pruitt said. "Adding this component reminds people that you don't have to own a Corvette to be an enthusiast and celebrate the iconic sports car."

The Corvette Homecoming & Chevy Invitational will feature vendors, special educational seminars, a road tour of Kentucky, and a dinner and dance will be held Saturday evening for registered participants to end the show at the Sloan Convention Center. Spectators will be able to visit the car show in the parking lot and inside the Convention Center. While in town, visitors will be invited to check out the new Corvette Cave-In exhibit at the National Corvette Museum, which is tentatively scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2016.

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