Opposites Attract! Welcome to the new club experience!

We are all in it for the same reason "The Love of The Corvette" I have had a passion for the car since the age of 4 when I rode in my Uncle Lefty's 1967 Big Block Marina Blue Corvette Convertible.

When I was 14 in 1978, my brother, who has been gone now since 1987, bought a 1966 Stingray Coupe from Don L Motors on 27th Avenue in Miami, FL for $4500.00. Man ,did I love him and that car. Gary, if you can hear me, you are really missed. There are much more important things in the world to be angry about ie:economy, war, health & raising our children.

I have been in Corvette Clubs since 1983. They were all fun in the beginning but then the politics started flying and you know where it goes from there. So I decided to start my own Club since I was not active for many years in the Club Circuit.

We are a new club with Bizzaro World Tradition "whatever any other club has or is doing we do the opposite" Dues $35.00 You get two shirts, a Dash Plaque and at all shows, the Club buys lunch for all. Our Club is now 6 months old we have over 200 Members spanning over 3 states and 3 different Countries and eight paying sponsors. No boring meetings, no minimum events to attend and a website that is updated daily.

No room for clowns or politics here. Just FUN and use of the Cars. We are a USE and ENJOY Car Club instead of the traditional Sit, Sweat & Don't socialize with any other car Clubs. Since our goal is to be the most outgoing club in the world, there will always be egos and that is just a fact of life.

Fellow Corvette Lovers, please take a step back and think about all other world issues. This is supposed to be fun and a release. My neighbors are always stopping by to say how come you are always working on your cars instead of relaxing. I just tell them, "I don't play Golf."

Just some food for thought.

Have a great day and please visit our website and see how much fun it is suppose to be.Scott L Argow, President

Member L-81/C4/C5/C6 Registry

NCM & NCCC Member
Phone: 786-295-4199