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    Hot Nevada Vettes

    WSCC Corvette Convention in Las Vegas

    Hot Nevada Vettes is proud to host the 2009 WSCC Viva Las Vegas Convention in Las Vegas, May 7th - 11th. Four days for activities and fun are planned

    Highlights include, gymmick/poker rallyes Friday, cocktail mixer at the top of the Stratosphere, a Fremont Street Car show, an all Corvette track day at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (bracket drag racing and autocross), club hospitality suite competition and go-cart racing. We've planned it so there will be something for everyone to do. ALL CORVETTE OWNERS are invited to attend and there is NO penalty for non-WSCC members.

    Check out our new website at: WSCC Corvette Convention 2009

    We have 19 clubs signed up so far and people are coming to the convention from far away as Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California. We're look forward to meeting our new Corvette friends.


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    Hot Nevada Vettes

    50 More Cars Allowed Into the Car Show!

    I just had a conference call with the Fremont Street Experience and they are allowing us to put 50 more cars into the our car show, May 9th!
    Right now we have reached the hundred car show limit.
    By them letting us add 50 cars that will take our total number up to 150 cars.
    The next 50 car can be in the car show!
    So, if you've been waiting unto the last minute you just got a break!
    Do not wait and miss out!

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