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C5 Corvette Gets Stuck in a Puddle During Heavy Rain Storm in Phoenix Arizona

The woman behind the wheel of this C5 Vette either didn’t see the warning signs that stated “Do not cross when flooded”, or just didn’t care and figured she would take a chance.  Unfortunately, she learned the hard way. As seen in this footage from 12News, the car struggles to get going again after being […]
Auto DraftCop orders man out of his Corvette and onto his knees

Cop orders man out of his Corvette and onto his knees

This young lady was more than a little concerned when she and her boyfriend were asked to exit the Corvette during a routine traffic stop. She waits near the front of the car while the officer pats down her boyfriend. The officer finds something ‘suspicious’ in his pocket and orders the young man to get […]
Auto DraftModified LS3 C5 Corvette – One Take

Modified LS3 C5 Corvette – One Take

Considering I own one of these C5 Corvettes, you’d think I’d have more experience driving them, but in fact, this is the first C5 I’ve driven that isn’t my own in over 10 years. This Corvette has an LS3 engine swap, C6 Z06 Gearbox and Brake Upgrade, HRE Wheels, and a bunch of other go-fast […]
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