Hundreds Of Corvettes Come Home

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Corvette Homecoming was special to Corvette owners for a lot of different reasons, but more often than not, it came back to the friends they met.

“If you understand the Corvette community, the car is the ticket to get you into the show, but once you’re into the show so to speak, it’s the people,” said Mike Yager, the “Chief Cheerleader” at Mid America Motorworks.

And Scott Holmes, a Corvette owner from Madisonville, Kentucky, definitely agreed.

“It just really feels like you’re part of this larger family, you know? Of folks that are enthusiasts that enjoy the same things that we do.”

While old friends kept them coming back year after year, they also looked to make new ones so they could hear the captivating stories behind their car.

Stories like Sunny Cissell’s.

“I knew it’s what I had to have eventually to be happy. Unfortunately, being a blue collar welder, I never made much money.”

But that didn’t prevent Cissell from achieving his lifelong dream of owning a Corvette. No, he didn’t buy one. He rebuilt one all by himself.

“Even though it’s been a very difficult journey since that time, it’s been a fun journey. When I sit in this car, away from work, away from people with my little dog sitting on the seat next to me out on the road anywhere, I’m at my happiest, I’m peaceful.”

And that was exactly the type of feeling Corvette Homecoming Event Coordinator Joe Pruitt wanted the Homecoming to bring to people.

“It’s a family because you have one thing in common, the Corvette. There’s no place like home.”

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