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Today we have this cherry red 1962 Chevy Corvette with beautiful lines and perfect shine but looks can be deceiving. Scratches and swirls have ruined the paint of this all fiberglass body. The American Racing Torque Thrust wheels are dull and require polishing. Moving to the interior where fingerprints and dust have blanketed the vinyl surfaces. Stay tuned for the full detail breakdown!

Phase 5 Polish is a dual action compound and polish. Phase 5 Polish restores and revives finishes, removes swirls, scratches, oxidation and paint defects leaving the finish smooth, clean and brilliantly glossy. Phase 5 Polish works on all painted surfaces but is especially great on fiberglass and gel coats making it ideal for boats, RVs and this all fiberglass Corvette. Phase 5 Polish speeds up paint restoration with minimal dusting. Phase 5 Polish is an aggressive polish that begins working like a virtual compound cutting fast and accurately, capable of removing moderate to heavy surface imperfections.

These American Racing Torque Thrust wheels are covered in oxidation which is ruining the curb appeal of this classic. Using the Ball Buster you will no longer have to bust your knuckles scrubbing stubborn brake dust and corrosion. Simply attach the drill attachment to the drill motor and then blast away dirt, tarnish, brake dust, and grease with just a squeeze of the trigger. The long cone shape easily slips deep into wheel spokes, barrels, lug nut holes, and hubs for a deep cleaning with minimal effort. Special cut grooves wrap the soft cleaning foam around spokes and grooves to clean and polish internal wheel parts from all angles.

Special thanks to John from TJH Classic Cars for letting us detail this wonderful 1962 Corvette . You can check out this beauty and more at


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