C3 Corvette Body Lift in About a Minute

I recently lifted the body of my 1971 Corvette off it’s frame to allow the engine, transmission and exhaust to be installed more easily. As I was about to start I realized this would be a great opportunity to create a time-lapse video. So, here’s the end result.

A bit of a back story: The first time I ever lifted the body from the frame I used a rolling engine lift which, as it turns out, didn’t have enough lift to allow the body to clear the gas tank and engine. It was such a disaster I designed the lifting rack shown in the video to make raising and lowering the body easier. As it turns out, the frame has also come in handy for completing under-body repairs, running the wiring through the rear clip, painting the underside of the body, and many other tasks. You can view more about my restoration project, and download plans to build your own lifting rack, on The Corvette Restoration Page. http://www.corvette-restoration.com
You can also download plans and learn more about this lifting rack at this link: http://www.forum.corvette-restoration.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=607

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