C6 ZO6 Corvette vs Lingenfelter C5 ZO6 Corvette

Lingenfelter has the Stage II package, dyno’ing 614 RWHP SAE @ 10.5 PSI on pump gas. The C6 Z06 has the MTI Stage I package (intake, headers, catted X-pipe, tune) and is making 501 RWHP SAE. On the 1st and 3rd races the Lingenfelter was not wide open throttle at any point in 3rd gear because he would spin if he did go WOT. He WAS wide open in 3rd gear in the 2nd race from 60 MPH. The Lingenfelter had a ~160 lb passenger. This video really shows how much it takes to overcome the initial advantage a slower car may have over a much faster one – in this case, Lank (C6 ZO6) went wide open in 2nd gear and hooked and the Lingenfelter had to baby it in 3rd, then tried to come back hard in 4th but it takes more time to really pull on the Z because of the initial disadvantage.

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