Corvette does donuts on Kenmount Road, scares drivers, upsets car group

Car enthusiasts who regularly meet in St. John’s, Newfoundland are upset after an incident of reckless driving last week.

Jonathon Murphy-Lee is part of a group that regularly meets at the A&W restaurant on Kenmount Road.

He told CBC News he was shocked last Thursday evening to see one driver peel out of the parking lot in a Corvette, and proceed to spin the car around three times in the middle of one of the city’s busiest streets.

“This guy in a Corvette was waiting to leave, and after a few moments of waiting, when he went to leave, he just stomped the gas,” he said.

“[He] ended up doing three donuts on Kenmount Road with oncoming traffic coming towards him, and almost took out a silver SUV.”

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