Motorweek Acquires A Callaway Camaro Z/28 And Corvette Stingray

From MotorWeek:

Some days around MotorWeek are like Christmas. We roll into work all sleepy eyed and full of wonder of what the day will bring. And low and behold there’s something new and shiny in our parking lot just waiting for us to unwrap.  Well, today was extra special because it looks like Santa has dropped off not one but two Callaways for us to play with!

We’ve clearly played our cards right, as this pair of Callaways easily beats a full house of just about any other type of automotive art.

GM has been very busy lately, debuting the 7th generation Corvette Stingray, and bringing the Camaro Z/28 back into the fold. Well, that just means the engineers at Callaway are working even harder.

At the heart of this 2015 Callaway Corvette SC627, is an Eaton TVS2300 rotor pack inside a 3rd generation Callaway supercharger housing with not 1, but 3 intercoolers.

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