Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek – Corvette Crash

As this sneak peek of Grey’s Anatomy starts, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is speeding along on his way to the airport and on the phone with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who are busy operating back at the hospital and doubting that he’ll catch his flight.

“I have a secret shortcut,” Derek brags.

“There are no shortcuts to the airport,” Amelia and Bailey say in unison. (Uh, Amelia, girlfriend, didn’t you just move to the Emerald City?)

No sooner is the call dropped than a Corvette speeds up behind Derek’s car and eventually passes him.

“I’m doing 10 miles above the speed limit. That’s not fast enough for you?” Derek says.

Then the Corvette tries doing the same thing to a tan SUV ahead of Derek, but when it does, it clips the front corner of the SUV, sending both vehicles tumbling like toy cars.

Derek slams on the brakes and avoids the collision, but will he die trying to help his fellow motorists? Perhaps, especially if the reports of Patrick Dempsey’s firing are true!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11, Episode 21 — “How to Save a Life” — airs Thursday, April 23, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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