It Takes A Chevy – Corvette Commercial

This spot opens on a cowboy, who is clearly frustrated about something, though immediately, we’re not sure what. We soon see that he’s in a rural setting and leaning against a 2012 Centennial Edition Corvette, Chevrolet’s newest, fastest and most sophisticated Corvette ever. Why is the cowboy frustrated about that? Has it broken down? Has he had a flat? No, there’s nothing wrong with the car. The payoff is that he’s been stopped by a typical southern sheriff, who’s busily writing a citation. We’re not sure why, but the pay-off shot comes when we see what the sheriff is driving and
hear the tag line: ‘It Takes A Chevy…To Catch A Chevy’.

Produced by Michael Brown Productions, Inc. (, the production
firm which earlier released ‘The Quest’, a documentary on the Corvettes that first raced at Le Mans in 1960.

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