KY3 News Ozark Life archives: Corvette fever on Route 66

It was a hit TV show named for the Mother Road, Route 66; two carefree guys chased adventure and romance as they drove along Route 66 in a Corvette. That show inspired many a young man to yearn for a Corvette. A few eventually fulfilled their dream of owning a ‘Vette and driving it down Route 66.

KY3’s Ozark Life reporter Ed Fillmer grew up on Route 66 in Marshfield, as did many members of his family. Like all families in the Ozarks, Route 66 was an important highway bringing business, homes and accessible cross country transportation that did not exist in the Ozarks until the famous highway was built. In the 1970s, Fillmer revisited Route 66, long after it had been replaced by I-44 to see what was left of this legendary highway.

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