National Corvette Museum Prepping Sinkhole For Concrete

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — Monday marked the beginning of the third week of construction at the National Corvette Museum. Two pieces of heavy machinery sat on separate sides of the sinkhole in the Skydome. One being used to drop rope and a hook down to boulders. The other used to carry workers.

“On the top side looking down, it’s a whole lot simpler. You don’t realize the immensity of it,” said Scott, Murphy, & Daniel Project Superintendent, Joe Schultz.

Once the two meet, metal clips are drilled into the rocks that reach the size of cars.

The first attempt to move one rock the size of a Volkswagen Beetle fails, when the limestone boulder breaks. The crew swings back down and tries one more time. This time the rock is cleared smoothly.

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