The Corvette Museum Adds Sinkhole To Attractions Permanently

In February 2014, the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green was forever changed as eight classic cars were swallowed by a sinkhole.

A year later, construction workers are at the museum every day making repairs. LEX 18 reporter, Masie Insko took a peek into what the future will look like for the Corvette Museum.

The video of the sinkhole was seen around the world with 8 million YouTube views to prove it.

Katie Frassinelli, a museum spokesperson tries to put it all in perspective.

“Sinkholes are very common in our part of Kentucky,” she says. “But what was uncommon is having it inside a building and it swallowing eight Corvettes.”

The sinkhole is what captivated not only Corvette enthusiasts, but but thousands of others. It drew so much attention that people from all over the place wanted to see the sinkhole in person. In fact, the influx of spectators has led to the most tourists in the Museum’s history. In 2014, they had 251,258 visitors.

For part of the year, the Sky Dome remained open where visitors could look in to the hole. Then, as construction began, they closed it off.

Not wanting to disappoint the new audience though, they have provided a glass room for viewing.

Construction workers began filling the sinkhole in December and it only took a few weeks for the crews to finish filling the hole. Now, there is one small section that will never be filled in. When construction is complete, this viewing area will be part of the museum … another exhibit for patrons.

Certainly a new attraction, crews plan to have construction finished by July, 2015.

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