Theft of valuable trailer for special Corvette caught on camera

by Fox31 Denver

DENVER, COLORADO — The theft of a big trailer and thousands of dollars worth of equipment for a race car was captured on video.

The “Purple Monster” at Corvette Connection is the fastest street-legal corvette in the state.

Surveillance cameras show the thieves pulling into the lot, breaking the lock on the trailer, hitching it up and stealing it in daylight on Monday morning. It happened at the business at East 54th Avenue and Washington Street in Adams County.

The suspects’ truck has distinctive black wheels and a stripe on the front fender. A suspect’s face can be seen in surveillance video while he rummaged through scrap in back of the building.

Owner Rich Lenhart hopes someone recognizes the truck or the thief and calls police.

“Because they took my stuff. I had a lot of time in that trailer. … Saturdays and Sundays, and that trailer is as personal to me as this car,” he said.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is involved in the investigation of the theft.

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