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1984 Corvette Manifold Heat Riser (stove pipe) & Damper Doors

Car starts then stalls???? Possible Thermac system issue? The **VERY UNIQUE** 1984 Corvette relies on HEAT off the manifold to run/idle properly during warm up. Per the FSM, this is the first place to start looking for problems. The Damper Doors not working properly…cause a lot of problems. The thermostatic air breather assembly works off […]
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1984 Corvette Thermac Air Cleaner Base to Throttle Body Gaskets

The most Misunderstood and Overlooked part of the Crossfire Injection Engine…in my opinion, the Thermac. It would be easy to OVERLOOK these two gaskets because they seem somewhat insignificant. The Thermostatic Air Cleaner System (per the ***FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL**) is one of the first places to start looking when you have start up and idle […]