Top Gear Names 2015 Corvette Z06: ‘Muscle Car of the Year’

Top Gear Magazine names the 2015 Corvette Z06: “Muscle Car of the Year” and gets a little sideways in the process!

“Think it’s fair to say it’s going to crush anything less than a 918, P1 or LaFerrari. Its combination of relentless power, unshakeable chassis – with all its clever technology that works with you – and vast brakes is unbeatable at the moment. And that’s just on the track. On the road, it’s just as much fun. Dial back the chassis, flip off the roof panel – a first for all Z06s – and it’ll cruise along in comfort. It’s available with an eight-speed automatic or the seven-speed manual, now with uprated rev matching (this is being implemented across the whole Corvette range) that now makes it properly seamless.”

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