Rear Spring Cup Install

Replace the rear spring cushion retainers in your C2 or C3 (1963-1982) Corvette with our easy-to-use tool kit. No need to unmount the trailing arms or springs. Unlike other outdated methods, our innovative time-saving tool enables you to install retainers without removing mounts.

All required parts come in one convenient package:

Flare/Crimp Tool
Alignment/Jack Nut
Mount Cup Spacer
Plate Lock Bolt
1/2-20 Hex Bolt Grade 8
1/2-20 Hex Nut Grade 8
1/2 Flat Washer Grade 8
1/2 Flat Washer 2″ OD
3/8-16x x 11/4 Hex Bolt

Additional tools required: Two 3/4″ wrenches, 9/16″ wrench

Detailed instructions with diagrams and photos are provided.

Need correct shape rear spring mount cups? Try Corvette Central P# 582168 for 1963-1966 Corvettes or Corvette Central P# 582054 for 1967-1982 models.

See for more info.

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