This 600 HP 1972 Corvette is an Autocross Track Monster!

This 1972 Corvette is simply incredible. It was built specifically to win autocrosses, and has all the hardware. It has Detroit Speed’s prototype C3 Corvette suspension system in the front and rear, runs 315 Front and 335 Rear section tires, and is powered by a 600 HP Mast Motorsports LS3 and a four-speed Hightower crashbox. It’s completely nuts.

The folks at Detroit Speed recently let Road and Track Magazine’s Matt Farah drive their creation. The result is a car that looks stunning, drives like a brand new Corvette, and has mastered the art of getting around an autocross track.

However, think twice before you decide to build one yourself. All the parts and labor that went into creating this patriotic 1972 Corvette add up to about $200,000!

Is it worth it?  Watch the video and we’ll let you be the judge.

Full Disclosure: Detroit Speed and Engineering provided flight, hotel, and rental car, as well as several meals towards the production of this video series.

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