Hundreds of Corvettes cruise into Bowling Green, Kentucky

By Jack Fletcher

BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) – For Corvette enthusiasts, the Corvette Homecoming and Chevy Invitational is their favorite day of the year.

Corvettes of all kinds piled into the Sloan Convention Center from across the United States.

Some owners said they take pride in keeping their cars as authentic as possible, while others owners said they like modifying every piece of their treasured ride.

For one Corvette owner, Mark Smith of Evansville, Ind., his car has a piece of him on it. He hired a friend of his son to airbrush a cartoon character that was originally tattooed on his upper arm.

“I asked him if he would airbrush the tasmanian devil on the backside of my hood, Smith recounted, “He took it home, and it took him about three days. When he brought it back, I was just thrilled!”

Smith now calls the car “The Taz Devil.”

The Corvette Homecoming and Chevy Invitational started in 1981 in response to the assembly of Corvettes moving from St. Louis, Mo. to Bowling Green, Ky.

Hundred of people now come each year to show off their prized possessions while also admiring other people’s cars.

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