A 1957 Corvette Gets a New Lease on Life


Classic car lovers will go all out to keep their vintage automobiles in mint condition. And there are only a handful of people on the coast who can fully restore old cars.

When the owners of a classic 1957 Corvette dropped their car off at Busted Wrench Garage in Gulfport, it was in pretty bad shape.

“It was a chopped up, drag racing car. It had holes in it and tires sticking out of the back. It was all busted up,” said master restorer Mike McCabe.

The car required an ambitious restoration

“We had to take the car apart and do extensive body work. It’s come a long way,” McCabe said.

Now, the 57′ Corvette is spotless and a dream machine. McCabe loves giving a beautiful car an extreme makeover.

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