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‘Scary fast’ Corvette is still a dependable street car

By Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle When it comes to collector vehicles, James Andrews’ tastes run the gamut. On a typical day, he might slip behind the wheel of a beautifully restored SS-badged 1970 Chevelle four-door station wagon. Or if he needs even more passenger/cargo room, he might choose his big diesel-powered 1955 Flxible bus, […]
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1984 – 1989 Corvette Gauge Fix #12 Replacement LCD Panels

Update: I now offer Corvette Digital Cluster parts and repair services. Go to http://batee.com or email sales@batee.com for more info! This is part 12 in the updated Cluster Repair Series, which deals with LCD Panel Replacement of the 1984 – 1989 Corvette Digital Instrument Panel Gauge Cluster. Symptoms are that certain segments in the LCD […]
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1984 Corvette Manifold Heat Riser (stove pipe) & Damper Doors

Car starts then stalls???? Possible Thermac system issue? The **VERY UNIQUE** 1984 Corvette relies on HEAT off the manifold to run/idle properly during warm up. Per the FSM, this is the first place to start looking for problems. The Damper Doors not working properly…cause a lot of problems. The thermostatic air breather assembly works off […]
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1984 Corvette Starter Replace (bit of a knuckle buster)

NOTE: Factory Service Manual provides a “slightly” different procedure. NO “SHIMS” were needed, new starter fit perfectly. Having never changed out a starter on a 84 Vette before, I TOOK MY TIME , about 1/12 hours, to remove the old one and install the new one. Now I could do it again no problem. OEM […]
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1984 Corvette Thermac Air Cleaner Base to Throttle Body Gaskets

The most Misunderstood and Overlooked part of the Crossfire Injection Engine…in my opinion, the Thermac. It would be easy to OVERLOOK these two gaskets because they seem somewhat insignificant. The Thermostatic Air Cleaner System (per the ***FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL**) is one of the first places to start looking when you have start up and idle […]