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48 Hour Corvette – In ACTION

The 48 Hour Corvette was on track Sunday March 15th, only days after the live 48 Hour internet broadcast of the build. The car was tearing up the track at the NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM MOTORSPORTS PARK in Bowling Green KY. For more information on the build: http://48hourcorvette.com
Modified 1982 Corvette with EBL and .465″ in/.488″ ex cam

Modified 1982 Corvette with EBL and .465" in/.488" ex cam

Modified 1982 Corvette at idle What’s different: ENGINE MANAGEMENT: Dynamic EFI EBL ENGINE INTERNALS: Erson, .465″ in / .488″ ex, 224/234, 110 LSA FUEL DELIVERY: Balanced TB units with 80lb injectors set to 15psi and a DCS Renegade Intake What’s not different: Everything else… practically indistinguishable from any other OE 1982 Corvette when the hood […]