Corvette Owner Purchases Third Vette

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — The Corvette cave-in resonated with so many people all over the world because thousands of people proudly drive a ‘vette and countless more dream about owning one.

Picking up a brand new Corvette is a first class treat in Bowling Green, creating a story that Corvette owners tell for years to come.

Bill and Dottie Slocomb join Corvette lovers at the museum to pick up their third Corvette.

Coming all the way from South Carolina, Bill says he and his wife had the pleasure of driving down the red carpet in 2006 and says today’s pick-up is just exciting.

Their Daytona Sunrise Orange 2015 Sting Ray Coupe joins other Corvettes waiting for their owner just moments before pick-up.

“We enjoy the environment that the staff provides in the museum. We enjoy the displays in the museum. It is a pleasurable experience. You feel like you’re coming home,” said Bill.

Dottie says it wasn’t until late last night when they even realized their pick up day was scheduled on the sink hole anniversary.

On average, the Corvette Museum has nearly twenty Corvette owners picking up their brand new purchase each week.

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