Corvette Plant Manager Talks about Sinkhole and Visitors

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — Many in the Corvette family will never forget a year ago Thursday.

For Corvette Plant Manager Jeff Lamarche, it was just his second day on the job.

Lamarche heard the news from his wife first.

“She was going to the museum that day. So, I actually found out about the sinkhole from her because she went to the museum and said hey it’s closed,” said Lamarche.

The new plant manager followed the reports the rest of the day, but the next day was a busy one.

“The following day, then it really became a big flurry of activity because immediately GM wanted to jump in and say we want to help with the restoration of the cars.”

The number of cars being sold remains strong for the Corvette plant, but what grew were the visitors.

“The sales have been strong since this new generation came out. I can’t say that we saw any kind of impact from that, what we have seen is impacted interested in coming to the plant,” said Lamarche.

Lamarche said tens of thousands wanted to learn more about that new Corvette.

“Just like the museum had a record number of visitors last year in 2014, we did as well. Over 55,000 tourists came to the plant to take our public tours,” said Lamarche.

Now, a year later is much different for Lamarche, today it was just business as usual.

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