Woman Narrowly Escapes Falling Debris While Trying to Tow Flooded Corvette

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. — A Colonial Heights tow truck driver narrowly escaped serious injury Tuesday afternoon after she was hit by debris that fell from a train trestle.

The incident happened around 4:30 p.m. on the Boulevard in Colonial Heights.

Christy Palmer Archileti, owner of Palmer’s Towing, said she happened upon a flooded out Corvette on the Boulevard, an area prone for flooding and right under a train trestle.

After wading through nearly two feet of water, Palmer Archileti attempted to hook her tow truck up to the car to pull it out.

That’s when she said a train passed overhead and out of nowhere, boards fell from the trestle, striking her and smashing the hood and windshield of the car.

CBS 6 Senior Reporter Wayne Covil was on the scene and captured the moment on video.

Palmer Archileti said she wasn’t seriously hurt and she’s thankful the incident wasn’t more tragic.

Colonial Heights Police have contacted CSX about the debris hanging from the catwalk that runs alongside the train trestle.

The Boulevard briefly closed following the incident, but has since re-opened.

Source:  CBS6

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