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YouTuber Confronts The Thief That Stole His C7 Corvette

YouTuber Royalty Exotic Cars rented out their C7 Corvette which the customer never returned, so he took a look at its GPS, found out where it was, and went to go tow it back to the company. Royalty Exotic Cars explained that this was actually nothing new for him as before he became a YouTuber, […]
Theft of valuable trailer for special Corvette caught on camera

Theft of valuable trailer for special Corvette caught on camera

by Fox31 Denver DENVER, COLORADO — The theft of a big trailer and thousands of dollars worth of equipment for a race car was captured on video. The “Purple Monster” at Corvette Connection is the fastest street-legal corvette in the state. Surveillance cameras show the thieves pulling into the lot, breaking the lock on the […]

Woman reunited with Corvette 43 years after it was stolen

Terry Dietrich was still a teenager in 1972 when she decided to splurge on the car of her dreams, a bright blue Corvette Stingray. And just six months later, her world was shattered when her precious car was stolen. Dietrich told NBC’s Frances Rivera for TODAY Sunday that for those six months, she “loved it, […]

Stolen Corvette Returned After 42 Years

By Julie Fine NBC Dallas – Fort Worth We all love a good love story and this, between a man and a car he shared with his wife, has an improbably happy ending 42 years in the making. Paul Jones saved up his money in college and bought the beautiful ’67 Corvette Stingray. On August […]