C5 Corvette Involved in Street racing blamed in fiery Overland Park crash


OVERLAND PARK, Kansas. —Five people went to a hospital after a fiery street-racing crash in Overland Park late Wednesday afternoon.

The three-car crash on 119th Street near Rosehill Road left cars heavily damaged, debris all over the street and nerves weary.

People who live in the area said they rushed to the scene.

“I did hear them revving their engines up,” said Max Miller. “It sounded like they were racing down the street.”

Miller said he didn’t have time to get his shoes when he ran to help the driver of a Chevrolet Corvette.

“The guy was stuck in there, both his legs broken up against the dash,” he said.

Four teenagers who were in a pickup truck that rolled over were taken to a hospital. Miller said he knows some of them.

“I’ve seen crashes at this intersection before, so I kind of knew what to do,” Miller said.

“I could have been walking there. I could have been turning, trying to turn without anywhere else to go,” said Leslee Trotter, who lives up the street from the crash scene and walks in the area frequently.

She said the Corvette was on fire when she arrived.

“I mean, you see accidents frequently, but never to that extent,” she said. “Especially right in your neighborhood.”

She said too many people race down the street. A friend of hers died while racing his car, she said. The scene was a painful reminder.

“This really shook me hard because I go through this intersection three or four times a day and I have a young son,” she said.

People in the area said anyone who wants to race should find a track.

Police said they plan to recommend the harshest penalties possible to the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. They said racing has been an issue on 135th and 159th streets, too.

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